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The Hierarchy of Knee Injuries

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The Hierarchy of Knee InjuriesWhen it comes to athletes and the types of potential conditions they may experience and undergo, it is important to realize injury is a very strong possibility. However, along with the injury may come a period of therapy and rehabilitation for their recovery. Oftentimes, the rehabilitation and exercises that are done during the therapy sessions can result in the athlete performing even better than before the injury.

A knee injury can be caused in just about any sport or physical activity. A knee injury can be in the form of a torn ACL, torn meniscus, dislocated knee cap, torn MCL or PCL and ruptured tendons. Although sports medicine may temporarily relieve the pain for many types of injuries, a serious knee injury may require much more of an advanced treatment. A chiropractic care may have their injured patient undergo several physical therapy sessions for their particular injury. The physical therapy may be required prior and post surgery in the case surgery is required to repair the injury. A torn ACL, MCL and PCL will usually require surgery for full athletic abilities, and many times the meniscus may even have to be shaven off if it has been torn for a long time. Once a meniscus has been torn, there is a certain amount of time from when it has been torn to where it can be repaired. If the injured individual waits too long to get their meniscus repaired, it will more than likely become too damaged for repair. The meniscus is the cushioning cartilage between the knee joints which enables people to run, jog and walk without any pain or chances or potential chances of arthritis.

When any of these knee injuries occur, a visit to the chiropractic care will enable the patient to not only gain strength back in their legs, but also an amount of confidence that will allow that to belief in the abilities of their body once again. With therapy, rehabilitation, sports medicine and consistency, a former injured individual can take great strides in their athletic abilities which may allow them to experience a side of themselves they have never met before. The therapy sessions can be so effective, that in one instance they may feel like a frail bird that has just fell on the ground from a high placed nest, to a high flying basketball player that is ready to make a high flying appearance on the highlight reels.

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How to Cure TMJ Without Surgery

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A Good Chiropractor Can Help

When folks experience persistent pain in their jaws, along with discomfort when they chew their food, they may be seeing the symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ syndrome. This condition may be accompanied by several other problems, including headaches, earaches, dizziness, and pain in the shoulder or the neck. Specifically, TMJ may come about as a result of somebody grinding their teeth (bruxism), nail biting, trauma or degenerative joint disease, resulting in inflammation of the temporomandibular joint, the place where your jaw connects to your skull. As you may well imagine, acute or chronic pain in this area can be a hindrance to eating food or to speaking. Many people suffer from this problem that can interfere with many everyday activities at work and even at rest.

Since the condition can impact so many activities, a holistic care approach is called for and a solution that goes beyond a simple masking of pain with prescription drugs is appropriate. Such a strategy often involves chiropractic care, physical therapy, or both solutions applied in varying degrees.

Dr. Dibagohar is very familiar with treating TMJ syndrome may be able to suggest some ways you might be able to mitigate the pain by incorporating changes in your own lifestyle, such as addressing the problems of teeth-grinding. Chewing in a more measured and gentle manner may be helpful and relieve some of the discomfort.

With both chiropractic care and physical therapy there is usually some physical manipulation that occurs in the troubled area. Such treatment may address the pain, but most chiropractors and therapists will want to work with you to eliminate the root cause of the condition, searching for a way involve you in a holistic care approach that brings you directly into the process by encouraging you to break habits that may be aggravating your jaw. Further, if they ascertain that the solution may lie in the area of dental care, they may recommend that you seek the assistance of a dentist to help correct TMJ syndrome. Besides for wanting to involve you in your own treatment and care, a good chiropractor or therapist will encourage you to see whatever sort of specialist they believe can be helpful in curing your condition.

If you’re experiencing the symptoms described in this article, contact Dr. Dibagohar and the staff at Premiere Chiropractic & Sports Medicine. Stop living with unnecessary pain.

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