Massage Therapy in Redondo Beach

What is Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy in Redondo Beach Tired of putting up with aches and pains that have become an seemingly permanent fixture in your life? Do you spend each day trying to work past physical discomforts that make you less effective in your pursuits, whether familial, vocational, or intellectual? You probably need some relaxation right now, and if you feel that is best, the massage therapists at our Redondo Beach center can help. Visit us to get the full value of effective massage therapy, and look forward to the following things.

When you first visit our Redondo Beach center, we get the essential out of the way by getting your details. This includes your current health stats, any medical conditions or medication intake we should be aware of, the type and level of discomfort you are feeling, special areas of concern, your pain triggers, and lastly, your contact info. We review your health history, after which a therapist sits you down and gets further information on your condition. Following that, a customized the treatment plan is tailored to you based on what would be most effective, techniques to avoid, and your schedule. At this point, you can take the opportunity to let them know of any issues you may have with certain techniques being used, as well as any other information you wish to be kept private.

Scheduling The First Massage

It is best to set up any massage session at a time convenient for you, and especially the first one. Only visit when you have no complications such as a fever, or an upset stomach. The idea is to be as relaxed as you can even before we start the session, but if that is not viable, we can assist.

The Massage

We typically have each patient lie down on a massage table, and let them cover themselves with a sheet or large towel. The therapist’s main aim is to get your body to relax, which means at the onset, he or she would adjust the massage setting to make you pleasantly comfortable. You can choose the temperature in the room; and the background music; you can even ask for specific techniques to be used or avoided.

Getting the Best Results

To squeeze the proverbial juice out of each session, patients are encouraged to open up to the process, letting their thoughts drift while a part of their minds focus on deep breathing.

Have questions about massage therapy? Contact one of our skilled staff members, at our Redondo Beach office, to assist you at (310) 798-8777.