Patient Reviews

What do our patients think about the staff at Premiere Chiropractic and Sports Medicine? The reviews are in and they are above and beyond positive. Read for yourself!

R.L. from Los Angeles, Ca, writes:

 “I give Dr. Diba and Premiere Chiropractic the highest rating and my utmost respect and gratitude. I was in chronic pain for over TWO YEARS. There was a time when I could only leave my house for 2 hours at a time.

Dr. Diba never gave up on me after the “most expensive” and “qualified” doctors throughout California said they could not help me. Dr. Diba looked at my pain from a whole body perspective. His staff takes excellent care of me including his acupunturist Kari who has magic hands and needles. Because of Dr. Diba’s top rate facility I am now happy and fully employeed as a corporate attorney that restructures businesses. I wouldn’t change a single thing about Premiere Chiropractic. They are the best…”

N.E. from Los Angeles, Ca writes:

Most chiropractors will automatically adjust you and move on.  Dr. Diba will isolate the issue, and render treatment that is specifically catered to the issue you are facing.  I wish all professionals were as detailed oriented and knowledgeable.  Let me simply tell you, he is worth the 40 miles I drive (EACH WAY) to see him.

A.M. from Redondo Beach, Ca writes:

“Dr. Diba and his staff are amazing! I started going about 3 weeks ago when I was having severe back pain and sciatic pain down my leg (as a result of a broken tail bone last year) and after only 4 visits, I felt perfect!

I love how much time and energy is put into the muscles instead of focusing primarily on the spine. It’s the perfect combination between massage and adjustment! I highly recommend! Don’t look any further, this is the answer to your pain!”

P.M. from Torrance, Ca writes:

“My family loves this place. Its the best in southbay. Especially, the staff and Dr. DIBA is truly a miracle worker.”

K.W. from Redondo Beach, Ca writes:

“I’ve been going to Dr. Diba for over 3 years now.  He is such a fantastic chiropractor and truly cares about his clients.  I’m always pulling muscles and hurting myself due to my job which involves a lot of heavy lifting, he has saved me multiple times from being stuck on the couch and in pain.  He sends me home with exercises and advice on how to prevent injury and make healing quicker.  I’ve learned how to sleep correctly, proper posture and just taking better care of my body. Thanks dr. Diba you rock!”

E.G. from Torrance, Ca writes:

“Got pain? Go see Dr. Diba.  After six months of  two chiropractors’ care and five weeks of  physical therapy, I remained in excruciating knee pain. I couldn’t walk without pain, and I had given up walking my four mile route. My entire life focused on avoiding anything that could set my knees off. Fortunately, I went to Dr. Diba, and he listened to my complaints, examined me, and found the obvious cause. Within three sessions, I was 45% better. Now after my fifth session, I have returned to walking. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Dr. Diba. Anyone who has lived with chronic pain and finds out that there is a solution knows the relief that comes from getting fixed. Thank you, Dr. Diba. I am so happy with your help. I can’t recommend you high enough.”

C.H. from Torrance, Ca writes:

“I highly recommend coming to Premiere Chiropractic & Sports Medicine. If you like friendly and smart doctors, you will really like Dr. Diba. He always has a positive attitude and most importantly he is INCREDIBLE at what he does. I can’t say enough good things about this place!!! Also, the massage therapists ROCK!”

And the list goes and on. Read more from our happy clientele list on Yelp!