Massage Therapy in Torrance

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy in TorranceEveryone needs to relax once in a while. This is even more important for people leading active modern lifestyles, which consistently wrack them with stresses of all kinds during the course of the day. Left alone, the effects of this can fester pretty quickly, and leave you unable to function in the ways you need to. Visit us at or Torrance center, and we can help prevent exactly that, and much more.

Massage therapy works by stimulating the relaxation response, which can be triggered through properly applied touch, focused on and around the soft tissues placed at different parts of the body. When this is done in the right way, your heart rate comes down, allowing you to relax. It also causes your serotonin level to rise, making way for a positive disposition. At the end, you are left feeling decidedly better physically as well as psychologically, and better prepared to tackle what life has in store.

The relaxation you get out of massage therapy is also beneficial in other ways – it lets your body relax to the point where the physical effects of stress are less harmful. This in turn staves off serious health conditions like persistent fatigue, cardiac arrhythmias, psychological issues, hypertension, digestive disorders, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, and anxiety. Moreover, massage therapy enhances blood circulation because it manipulates the soft tissue. The relaxation repose releases chemicals which aid in general wellbeing. The improved circulation opens up your muscles to higher levels of nutrition and oxygenation, as well as fine-tunes the waste removal process in your system by making sure fluids get absorbed.

Relaxing your muscles is a great way to combat painful contractions and spasms, not to mention nerve compression as well. The biggest problem with muscle compression is that it pressurizes the surrounding nerves, but massage therapy can get them the relaxation they need.

Our massage therapists have ample skill and experience to get you through and past your pain or discomfort. They know how to manipulate the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, in tested and proven ways, to bring about the best outcome with respect to each patient’s preferred wellbeing. We draft and follow customized treatment plans, involving specific goals such as menstrual cramp mitigation in women with lower back pain. No matter what pain or ache you are nursing, we can help you remove it once and for all.

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