Massage Therapy in Manhattan Beach

How Does Massage Therapy Help

Massage Therapy in Manhattan BeachFew things beat massage therapy when it comes to relaxing your body after a stressful week. Most people know how vital this is to enjoying a physically active life, unencumbered by pains and aches that keep them from living life to the full. Our Manhattan Beach center is a haven for anyone who wants not just pampering treatment, but also a way to leave their physical soreness behind.

Massage therapy basically works by taking your body to a level of relaxation that allows a physical and mental respite from the way you feel most of the day. Just that is worth a lot, but we do not stop there. Our treatment involves getting you to achieve and adopt a form of wellbeing that lets you exert yourself in life, without unacceptable risk of injury. In other words, we make you more fit, through the application of tested and proven techniques.

First off, your heart rate and breathing are slowed down through induced relaxation, which involves proper manipulation of soft tissues. This is aimed at relieving pain, bringing down stress, aiding relaxation, and laying the groundwork for better health.

When you first visit our Manhattan Beach center, we take down your details and then have a massage therapist draw information from you. This covers symptoms, medical history, preferences, etc. You can tell us what techniques you prefer for us to avoid, and also suggest ways to make your massage sessions more productive. Following this, we put you through a physical exam that is aimed at revealing any existing issues we need to work around. All this information lets us draw up a detailed treatment plan which comprises strategies that suit you.
Our massage sessions feature therapists physically manipulating patients’ bodies using fingers, forearms, hands, and maybe even elbows and feet. This can last anywhere from a quarter hour to a full hour. Sometimes oils and lotions are used, and even medical heat lamps to bring up your body temperature. Our therapists are conversant in varying massage modalities, which you can pick based on your need and preference. Prenatal massages, for instance, are meant for pregnant women exclusively.

Effective massage therapy brings numerous benefits, such as reducing risk of disease, aiding in better circulation, improving your general moods and disposition, and keeping fatigue at bay. Your nerves function better too, which is a hood thing from the neurological perspective.

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