Maintain A Good Posture During Your Sleep

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Maintain a good opsture during your sleep Call Your Manhattan Beach ChiropractorWhat’s The Healthiest Posture?

If you’re suffering from bad posture during your sleep we’ve got your back… get it? All puns aside, good posture is of the utmost importance and can help you lead a more active and pain-free lifestyle. A healthy back will enable our body to move in fluid motion and keep our spine, as well as our extremities, in line with how our body naturally bends and twists. When our posture is in line, we take the load and pressure off of our connective tissue, muscle, bone and ligaments. In the long run this help prevent common issues that spring up through the wear-and-tear of old age. Another benefit of good posture is that it eliminates the fatigue associated with putting our body in unnatural positions.

According to recent studies, up to 25 years of our life is spent counting sheep and chasing bad guys through our dreams! Many individuals have a very naive perspective when it comes to good sleep etiquette and quality. A healthy back is but a small rock in a huge ocean in terms of benefits we can experience once our sleep posture is optimized.

Side Sleeping

The Mayo Clinic has provided a list of sleep positions that will help you get quality sleep while maintaining good posture. Redondo Beach chiropractor specialists will recommend that side sleepers place a pillow in between their legs during the nighttime hours. The placement of the pillow in between our legs will prevent the lower back and pelvic area from twisting as we’re snoozing.

Back Sleeping

If you’re a frequent back sleeper, place a pillow underneath your knees right before you go to bed. This elevated position will take pressure off of the Lumbar spine and provide equal distribution of pressure. This position also stimulated and optimizes the blood flow in our lower regions as we sleep!

Stomach Sleeping

If burying your face in a fluffy pillow sounds like your idea of heaven, we’ve got a solution! The next time you go to bed place a pillow underneath your waist. The pillow will raise the buttocks and hips to keep the natural curved shape that our spine rests in. Redondo Beach chiropractor professionals have used this method in order to help people get a restful nights sleep while maintaining the posture that leads to a healthier life.

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