Exercise Helps Maintain a Healthy Back, say Experts

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5 Exercises to Keep Your Back Pain Free

Back pain affects most people at some point in their lives. A healthy back patient is credited with having good posture, visiting a chiropractor regularly and using proper techniques when lifting anything heavy. In fact, there are five proven exercises to maintain a healthy back.

Good posture key to a strong back

Another aspect of using exercise to avoid back pain is linked to having a daily routine before this pain in the back becomes acute. For instance, a trained sports medicine professional can diagnose symptoms associated with back pain. The symptoms include weakness in the legs and arms, tingling along the lower back and even a sharp burning sensation in all regions of the back. Back pain is associated with the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral spine regions of the body.

Choose a chiropractor when exercising the back

At a time when many people of all ages suffer from nagging back pain, it is good to know that a back pain specialist can help ease the pain and avoid unnecessary surgery.

The five exercises to maintain a pain free back includes:

  1. Stretching is essential for anyone suffering from back pain. The exercises should be done on a consistent basis and include approved stretching to help treat various back problem areas. Also, the advice states that stretching should be pain free; while stretching slowly is advised. The standing hamstring stretch is a good example of how stretching can provide back pain relief.
  2. The lumbar spine exercises help stabilize the painful back. The exercise begins with static lying on the floor, while gently moving the legs for such uses as a “hamstring stretch” involving holding the leg for up to 30 seconds for a good stretch exercise.
  3. Walking is a proven way and means to ease back pain because research has shown that it is better to move and exercise the back than to just rest in bed for long periods of time.
  4. The arm and leg raise exercise provides movement that does not harm the spine; while helping to relieve back pain. Lie on your side with arm bent under your head and upper arm resting. The exercise involves raising your upper leg about 10 inches from the ground. Go up and down with your leg for 10 repetitions.
  5. The use of exercise ball easing back pain quickly. Begin the exercise by laying on the floor with feet resting on an exercise ball, while making sure your legs are straight and arms resting at your sides. The idea is to slowly lift and then tighten your buttock by slowly lifting it off the floor about 3 inches.

In general, all back pain exercises are best done, under the auspices of a licensed sports medicine clinic specialist so as to avoid injury and target the proper areas of the back for healing.

Exercise essential for a healthy back

While there are many proven methods for exercising the back to reduce pain and other discomfort, the best advice is to always seek professional expertise so as to not injure one’s back any further.

Overall, there is significant differences when back patients consult with an expert in back pain relief than simply doing it oneself.

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