Chiropractic Care in Torrance

chiropractor torranceBenefits of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care involves the manipulation of the regions around the spine, in order to align it properly with the rest of the body. The correct term for what chiropractors mainly do is “spinal readjustment”. Our center at Torrance is just one of the spots where we work to remove pain and restore mobility to patients’ bodies, as well as take necessary steps to prevent accidental injury following recovery.

When you first visit us, we ask for your medical history as a way of ascertaining what past injuries or illnesses you have had. Then, we look at a variety of factors which have a bearing on treatment effectiveness, such as sleep habits, lifestyle, diet, etc. Following a physical examination to check out your spinal mobility and strength and energy levels, we run specialized tests to check bone consistency and blood pressure.

Treatment can start right after this, or if you prefer, on a later scheduled date. The chiropractor in charge of your treatment starts of small with “spinal manipulations”, which is a technique involving moving your joints within their current range of motion. This is done to realign the spinal bones along a straight line. When this treatment works, it is often accompanied by small pain, fatigue, etc which are felt a few days later. This is no cause for alarm; in fact, it is just the body getting used to the changes it just went through. However, if the pain is more than a slight one, you should tell your chiropractor immediately.

A lot of people with back and spinal problems take to availing chiropractic care as a temporary respite from pain, but this treatment only works to its full potential if carried out over a full course. That means attending at least a handful of sessions, and not stopping at just one or two. Therapy can take a long while to complete, with each session lasting up to 20 minutes. When the treatment shows signs of working, you could talk to your chiropractor and bring down session frequency, but not before. If you do see improvement in mobility while at home or the office, it is imperative you let the chiropractor know before proceeding with treatment. They can tell you what to do from there, and whether or not you are ready to cut down the number of sessions originally decided upon.

Have questions about chiropractic treatments and how they can benefit you? Contact one of our Redondo Beach staff members to assist you at (310) 798-8777.