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Top 4 Reasons People Seek Chiropractic Treatment

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Most people will experience back pain or joint problems at some point during their life. When this occurs, they are likely to wonder if chiropractic or orthopedic care is necessary. The fact is that each case is different and, therefore, will require a different plan for treatment. Learn about the four most common injuries or problems that cause a person to seek orthopedic care.

1: Back Pain or Back Injury

This is the number one reason that people seek evaluation from a chiropractor. Injuries and pain in the back can be the result of excessive stress to a person’s body while at work or physical activities that are especially strenuous. In most cases, these are injuries that result from high-risk activities, accidents or sports, which is why it is important they seek treatment from a doctor in the sports medicine industry.

Other factors that may lead to a person needing physical therapy for a back injury is if certain movements or exercises cause trauma to the back. In most cases,the person will know the difference between muscle soreness and a legitimate injury that requires professional intervention from a sports medicine doctor.

2: Shoulder Pain and Injury

Another common area of the body that often requires care from chiropractic care is the shoulder. There are many possible injuries for the shoulder, which include:

• Bursitis/Rotator Cuff Tendonitis
• Rotator Cuff Tear
• Frozen Shoulder
• Shoulder Separation
• Calcific Tendonitis

Each of these problems will require professional chiropractic care in order to rectify the problem.

3: Hip and Knee Injuries

For anyone who plays contact sports, as well as older individuals, hip and knee injuries are quite common. The fact is that these injuries can occur at any age and activity level, and the probability of them occurring increases when a person is overweight.

When most people think of knee and hip care, they think that the only solution is to replace the entire joint. Today there are many other non-surgical techniques, including massage, which can rectify this problem and provide a faster recovery time.

4: Ankle Injuries

Runners and athletes often experience injuries to their ankle. Additionally, it is a common problem for anyone that is on their feet for extended periods of time during the day, without proper support to experience ankle problems. Orthopedic care for ankles can provide relief for severe pain and injuries that may occur through different physical therapy treatments that may include massage.

The fact is that a person has to evaluate if the pain or injury is uncommon and requires professional care. An orthopedic doctor will be able to alleviate the pain and injury so that it no longer hinders the individual’s ability to live a normal life.

If you have any questions regarding the treatment or any other aspect of the injury, call Dr. Dibagohar’s office and our staff located in Redondo Beach, California, will be happy to assist you.

What Is A Dislocated Shoulder and What Is The Treatment

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Dislocated Shoulder 101

A dislocated shoulder is one of the most painful injuries that can befall a person. Thankfully, shoulder dislocations are rarely serious enough to require surgery. A good chiropractor with a solid understanding of physical therapy can apply a healing massage, and other sports medicine remedies.

A dislocated shoulder occurs when your shoulder joint is literally “dislocated” in the bone of your arm. Dislocations are not “separations,” an injury that finds the shoulder joint removed from the bone. Dislocations often occur during violent actions, but they can occur without warning. Dislocations are more likely to occur if you have weak muscles in your arms, as they help keep your joint in place.

What are the symptoms?

A shoulder dislocation will be immediately painful: there’s no mistaking something’s wrong. You’ll immediately feel excessive pain in your shoulder, and will find it nearly impossible to move. Swelling usually occurs, as will numbness, physical weakness, and bruising. Serious dislocations often include muscle spasms. You may also feel nausea, vomiting, and lightheaded.

What is the short-term treatment for a dislocated shoulder?

Severe shoulder separations, such as separation at an upward direction, or dislocations in the back, require serious emergency room treatments. Open shoulder surgery is often necessary, surgery wherein the doctor will cut open the shoulder, to surgically repair the torn shoulder ligaments.

What is the long term treatment?

Once your shoulder has healed a little more, a chiropractor can administer physical therapy. Chiropractic care helps get your shoulder back into shape. There are a series of massage types, and manipulations used by an expert chiropractor. The first type used is the scapular manipulation, and no, this doesn’t involve your head! Instead, you lie or stand while the doctor attempts to locate the locate the head of the shoulder joint, and move it back into place.
External rotation finds your doctor flexing the elbow 90 degrees, and gradually rotating your shoulder outward to help eliminate muscle spasms, and relocate your shoulder. Traction-counter traction techniques involve lying flat, with a sheet around your armpit. The doctor then pulls on the sheet, to “pop” your joint into place.

There are a few home sports medicine remedies for dislocated shoulders, during and after your treatment. Rest you shoulder, and regularly apply ice and heat alternatively, in 15-20 minute intervals.

Some over-the-counter pain medications, like aspirin and ibuprofen can also be used to eliminate some pain. After your chiropractic care treatment, carefully rotate your shoulder to help strengthen it, and to make sure to maintain your shoulder’s range of motion.

If you have any questions regarding the treatment or any other aspect of the injury, call Dr. Dibagohar’s office and our staff located in Redondo Beach, California, will be happy to assist you.

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Obtain A Better Posture

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Posture Perfect or Not So Perfect

Many variables can contribute to less than perfect posture such as knee injury, back injury, recent surgery, old injuries that were not properly treated, disease or even genetics. Those workers who sit hunched at desk jobs all day, those who do repetitive tasks, those who stand for the majority of the day or those who spend large amounts of time driving are more at risk for back pain and poor posture.

The Importance of Good Posture

How to Improve Your Posture
Good posture can improve appearance, aid circulation and contribute to overall good health. People with good posture stand tall with the hips and shoulders aligned, and the chin level. Examples of poor posture could be slouching, limping or always favoring one side of the body. Those working in sports medicine, physical therapy or chiropractic care often see poor posture causing pain to clients of all ages.

There are many small changes that can be made to improve posture even if working in one of the at risk jobs. Doing simple stretches while seated at a desk or even while driving can alleviate pain and improve posture.

  • These stretches might include pulling in the stomach muscles and holding them in that position for a few seconds, gently shrugging and then releasing the shoulders, consciously straightening the spine, expanding the chest or leveling the chin.
  • Becoming more aware of body positioning can also help. Make sure both feet are planted firmly on the floor when sitting, and arrange the keyboard and computer monitor so that they are a proper distance from the body.
  • Do not lean forward and strain to see the monitor.
  •  Try not to reach up too high or down too low towards a keyboard.
  • For those who work desk jobs, just standing up, stretching or walking around for a few minutes can be beneficial.

For those who have suffered from a knee injury or other sports related ailment, specialists in sports medicine or chiropractic care can give support and specific exercises to regain good posture. Naturally, clients who go to physical therapy will receive advice about achieving or returning to a healthy posture. More work may be needed to overcome posture problems caused by old injuries or disease but chiropractors or other specialists can aid in the process. Poor posture is a very common problem, but following these basic tips can help anyone attain a better posture.

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Advice To Immediately Manage A Sports Injury

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What you should do

Any time you need to make sure that you are properly treating yourself for sports injuries, get in touch with a chiropractor to treat you. This post, will provide you with some tips and advice, on what to do on the spot, when you get injured. The idea is to contact an orthopedic sports medicine specialist, as soon as possible, to make sure your injury is not serious and won’t have a lasting impact.

When you need physical therapy, there are a number of people in the local and surrounding area that can provide you with chiropractic care, massage and any other kind of sports medicine that you need along the way. This is incredibly important, because you should treat your issues as they come along, rather than allowing them to become nagging problems along the way.

When the injury happens, make sure to follow these steps as primary treatment:

  • Stop all activity and safeguard the injured area from potentially more damage.
  • Rest the area to allow it to heal
  • Ice the injured area. That should help with pain management and inflammation. Do not put the ice directly on your skin. Place some ice cubs in a zip lock bag (if no ice pack is available), wrap a thing towel around it and then place it on your skin. Ice should not remain on for longer than 20 minute intervals.
  • Apply compression to help keep the swelling at a minimum

 If you watch professional sporting events, you will notice that they always have trainers and medical professionals on the sidelines and backstage, ready to help you out immediately following an injury. Sports injuries can seem harmless at first, but can have a permanent dangerous impact. If the swelling doesn’t go down, seek the help of a professional.

Welcome to the Premiere Chiropractic & Sports Medicine Blog

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On behalf of the team at Premiere Chiropractic & Sports Medicine, I want to welcome you to our newest resource to the public: our chiropractic & sports medicine blog. We will be sharing interesting experiences from our practice, our chiropractic services, useful tips on pain management and  educational information on injuries, health issues and other relevant information that can benefit you and your loved ones. 

Our topics will include (among others):

 We are here to improve the health of our community, in Redondo Beach, California and anywhere else this blog may reach. Use this blog to get to know us, and what we do to improve the health of our patients.

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