Maintain A Good Posture During Your Sleep

What's The Healthiest Posture? If you're suffering from bad posture during your sleep we've got your back... get it? All puns aside, good posture is of the utmost importance and can help you lead a more active and pain-free lifestyle. A Read more

Exercise Helps Maintain a Healthy Back, say Experts

5 Exercises to Keep Your Back Pain Free Back pain affects most people at some point in their lives. A healthy back patient is credited with having good posture, visiting a chiropractor regularly and using proper techniques when lifting anything Read more

Maintain A Good Posture During Your Sleep

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Maintain a good opsture during your sleep Call Your Manhattan Beach ChiropractorWhat’s The Healthiest Posture?

If you’re suffering from bad posture during your sleep we’ve got your back… get it? All puns aside, good posture is of the utmost importance and can help you lead a more active and pain-free lifestyle. A healthy back will enable our body to move in fluid motion and keep our spine, as well as our extremities, in line with how our body naturally bends and twists. When our posture is in line, we take the load and pressure off of our connective tissue, muscle, bone and ligaments. In the long run this help prevent common issues that spring up through the wear-and-tear of old age. Another benefit of good posture is that it eliminates the fatigue associated with putting our body in unnatural positions.

According to recent studies, up to 25 years of our life is spent counting sheep and chasing bad guys through our dreams! Many individuals have a very naive perspective when it comes to good sleep etiquette and quality. A healthy back is but a small rock in a huge ocean in terms of benefits we can experience once our sleep posture is optimized.

Side Sleeping

The Mayo Clinic has provided a list of sleep positions that will help you get quality sleep while maintaining good posture. Redondo Beach chiropractor specialists will recommend that side sleepers place a pillow in between their legs during the nighttime hours. The placement of the pillow in between our legs will prevent the lower back and pelvic area from twisting as we’re snoozing.

Back Sleeping

If you’re a frequent back sleeper, place a pillow underneath your knees right before you go to bed. This elevated position will take pressure off of the Lumbar spine and provide equal distribution of pressure. This position also stimulated and optimizes the blood flow in our lower regions as we sleep!

Stomach Sleeping

If burying your face in a fluffy pillow sounds like your idea of heaven, we’ve got a solution! The next time you go to bed place a pillow underneath your waist. The pillow will raise the buttocks and hips to keep the natural curved shape that our spine rests in. Redondo Beach chiropractor professionals have used this method in order to help people get a restful nights sleep while maintaining the posture that leads to a healthier life.

Exercise Helps Maintain a Healthy Back, say Experts

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5 Exercises to Keep Your Back Pain Free

Back pain affects most people at some point in their lives. A healthy back patient is credited with having good posture, visiting a chiropractor regularly and using proper techniques when lifting anything heavy. In fact, there are five proven exercises to maintain a healthy back.

Good posture key to a strong back

Another aspect of using exercise to avoid back pain is linked to having a daily routine before this pain in the back becomes acute. For instance, a trained sports medicine professional can diagnose symptoms associated with back pain. The symptoms include weakness in the legs and arms, tingling along the lower back and even a sharp burning sensation in all regions of the back. Back pain is associated with the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral spine regions of the body.

Choose a chiropractor when exercising the back

At a time when many people of all ages suffer from nagging back pain, it is good to know that a back pain specialist can help ease the pain and avoid unnecessary surgery.

The five exercises to maintain a pain free back includes:

  1. Stretching is essential for anyone suffering from back pain. The exercises should be done on a consistent basis and include approved stretching to help treat various back problem areas. Also, the advice states that stretching should be pain free; while stretching slowly is advised. The standing hamstring stretch is a good example of how stretching can provide back pain relief.
  2. The lumbar spine exercises help stabilize the painful back. The exercise begins with static lying on the floor, while gently moving the legs for such uses as a “hamstring stretch” involving holding the leg for up to 30 seconds for a good stretch exercise.
  3. Walking is a proven way and means to ease back pain because research has shown that it is better to move and exercise the back than to just rest in bed for long periods of time.
  4. The arm and leg raise exercise provides movement that does not harm the spine; while helping to relieve back pain. Lie on your side with arm bent under your head and upper arm resting. The exercise involves raising your upper leg about 10 inches from the ground. Go up and down with your leg for 10 repetitions.
  5. The use of exercise ball easing back pain quickly. Begin the exercise by laying on the floor with feet resting on an exercise ball, while making sure your legs are straight and arms resting at your sides. The idea is to slowly lift and then tighten your buttock by slowly lifting it off the floor about 3 inches.

In general, all back pain exercises are best done, under the auspices of a licensed sports medicine clinic specialist so as to avoid injury and target the proper areas of the back for healing.

Exercise essential for a healthy back

While there are many proven methods for exercising the back to reduce pain and other discomfort, the best advice is to always seek professional expertise so as to not injure one’s back any further.

Overall, there is significant differences when back patients consult with an expert in back pain relief than simply doing it oneself.

10 Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle: Your Soul, Body and Mind

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Everyone wants to be healthy in body, mind and soul but not all of us know how to achieve these worthy goals. However, there are certain tips that can that lead to a healthier lifestyle. We’ve compiled a list of small changes that can improve your overall well being.

1. Nutrition

Eating healthy and nutritious foods. Making good food choices is an important step in maintaining good health. Examples of good food choices are fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads and cereals, wholesome soups and lean meats and fish. Holistic methods also help to keep one healthy.

2. Physical Activity

2. Another way to stay healthy is to stay physically active. Engaging in such exercises as walking, biking or using a treadmill on a regular basis will keep you healthy and strong. In addition, fitness also prevents and lessens the effects of many health concerns such as heart disease and high cholesterol.

3. Cut stress

We all know how destructive stress can be and to combat stress, practice some breathing exercises, walk or bike and try eating some comfort foods such as pizza or spaghetti. Some may not know it but not getting enough sleep can also be detrimental to your health.

4. Sleep More

Ways to get better sleep involve reducing stress (see number 3), getting more regular exercise, not smoking, cutting back on drinking and eating comfort foods such as potatoes and meals such as spaghetti and chili. In addition, some have found better sleep by listening to meditation tapes at night. Maintaining a routine sleep pattern also helps.

5. Get Regular Check-Ups

Most importantly, be sure to have regular physical check-ups. Getting a routine check-up can prevent and lessen various health concerns such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Joint pain can be lessened with medication and certain exercises.

 6. Love Yourself

It is important to note that maintaining a healthy self-image is also important for good health. By getting good sleep, keeping positive thoughts about your health and lifestyle and by maintaining health social relationships with others, you will develop a healthy self-image and a positive lifestyle.

7.  Be Around Friends

 Being socially active with friends and family adds meaning to your life and gives you satisfaction knowing that you are contributing to the wellness and happiness of others.

 8. Take a Break

In addition, it is also important to get away from it all now and then. Even if you work at home, it is important to get away and do something different now and then. Your body and mind need a rest from your daily routine and it doesn’t mean you have to travel far away to make it happen. Just a short trip for a day or two or even for several hours can make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself and life.

9. Focus on Today

Keep in mind how important and helpful it is to stay focused in the present moment. Worrying about something that happened a long time ago is wasteful of your time and accomplishes nothing. Stay focused on the present and the good things that are going on in your life.

10. Keep Laughing

Laughing not only helps to prevent illness but it also keeps you mentally and spiritually healthy! It’s tested and approved by physicians!

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Carpal Tunnel vs. Wrist Tendonitis: What Is This Pain?

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Carpel tunnel syndrome and wrist tendonitis are fairly common maladies of the hands and the wrists. But what’s the difference between them and what kind of therapy helps remedy the pain?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpel tunnel syndrome is unlike wrist tendonitis, in that the pain is caused by a pinched nerve as opposed to an inflamed tendon.

The carpal tunnel is a structure that’s found in the palmar side of the wrist. This tunnel protects a nerve that serves the hand and tendons that allow the fingers to move. In some people, the tunnel narrows to the point where it pinches the nerve. This results in tingling, numbness and weakness in the person’s hand. The hand might become so weak that the person starts to drop objects they usually have no trouble holding on to.

After a doctor diagnoses a patient’s carpal tunnel syndrome, there’s a variety of treatments that he or she can utilize. In the early stages, the patient can change the way he or she usesthe affected hand. The patient can take more breaks if he or she works on a computer or does other repetitive manual work. Cold compresses can also be applied to the wrist. Some patients find that massage therapy applied to his or her affected hand helps as does treatment by a chiropractor.

If the symptoms persist, the patient can be fitted with a splint to support the wrist. Splints are especially good at relieving the numbness and tingling that come at night. The doctor might also prescribe corticosteroids and NSAIDs like ibuprofen to ease the pain of the condition.

If these treatments don’t bring relief, the patient can opt for surgery. The surgery can be endoscopic or open. Both operations cut the ligament that’s pinching the nerve and so free the nerve. The good news is that the ligament heals itself and allows more room for the nerve at the same time.

Wrist Tendonitis

This condition happens when the wrist is overused, as during certain sports or certain types of manual labor. The tendons in the wrists become inflamed, swollen and painful. The condition usually comes on gradually. The person’s wrist might ache or be stiff when it’s asked to perform an action it’s not used to. Eventually, the wrist hurts even when normal activities are done. Some people also experience tingling or numbness.

After the problem is diagnosed, treatments include physical therapy. Sometimes this can be as simple as stopping strenuous activities and allowing the wrist to rest. NSAIDs can also help with the pain. The condition can also be eased by massage therapy or treatment from a chiropractor.

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5 Effective Treatments for Lower Back Pain

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Lower back pain makes everything in life more difficult. Whether you’re playing 18 holes of golf, wrestling with your kids, or just trying to get comfortable on the couch to watch a movie, the joys in life are much less joyful when your back constantly hurts.

If you are one of the millions living with lower back pain, here are five treatment options that can help you get your life back.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care can be your most effective weapon against lower back pain. Back pain is frequently a result of your spinal vertebrae being out of alignment and immobile. When this happens, the surrounding muscles have to work harder to hold your body upright, and this makes them tense. Chiropractors manipulate spinal vertebrae by hand, without the use of drugs or invasive surgery, restoring alignment and mobility. This allows the muscles in your back to relax.

Core Strengthening

When your core is weak, your lower back has to put in more work than it should when you exercise or simply performing everyday tasks. This ensures that it stays sore, the same way other muscle groups hurt when you work them too hard for too long. Regular physical therapy sessions can teach you exercises which will strengthen your core and take the load off your lower back.


Yoga is a great way to increase flexibility, strength, and mobility. When your muscles are strong and flexible, they aren’t taxed as much when you use them. Think about how much easier it is for someone with strong, mobile shoulders to lift a 100 pound object over his head repeatedly than it is for someone whose shoulders are weak. The same principle applies to your lower back.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapists are trained to feel for tense areas in your muscles and to work the tightness out by applying a specific type of pressure. Most people experiencing lower back pain have plenty of tension built up; this type of therapy can provide relief. A specific kind known as deep tissue therapy yields additional benefits by releasing toxins from your muscle tissues. These toxins accumulate over time, causing tension and discomfort.


Acupuncture treatment is somewhat of an unorthodox treatment method, but it has been widely used in the Eastern hemisphere for centuries. Thousands of people here in the United States swear by it. Dozens of tiny needles are inserted into various pressure points throughout your body and left there for a specified period of time. This process is reputed to activate your own internal healing mechanism. The word “needles” alone is enough to make a lot of folks turn tail and run, but the procedure involves very little pain. Many people actually find it soothing!

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What Is Cold Laser Therapy?

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What Is Cold Laser Therapy?Cold laser therapy is an experimental form of therapy employing low power lasers at specific wavelengths (or colors) applied to select spots on human or animal bodies to either reduce pain or inflammation and to promote healing. Cold laser therapy is also known as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), Low Power Laser Therapy (LPLT), biostimulation, soft laser, and laser acupuncture. LPLT is probably the most accurate terminology, but the term laser acupuncture may be the most accurate to describe some variations of the therapy.

LPLT is not considered a main-stream (allopathic) medicine which is why it it is not an established form of therapy for many places. Premiere Chiropractic physicians employ this type of therapy since they know it is effective and have seen proven benefits for their patients. It is also used in physical therapy, acupuncture, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, and veterinary medicine.

The therapeutic use of lasers dates back to at least 1967 when Endre Mester at Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary was experimenting with the use of laser light for treating skin cancer. He noticed that the hair on shaved lab mice grew back more rapidly on mice treated with the laser light than on untreated mice.

Cold laser therapy is generally considered as effective for relief of pain for such conditions as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, tendinopathy, and various chronic joint disorders. There is evidence that laser therapy may speed healing of wounds, and it has been suggested that it may be useful in promoting healing in dental procedures. The use of low level laser light to stimulate acupuncture points is advocated by many practitioners but studies to validate this practice have not been published in mainstream medical journals. LPLT has also been used in “face lift” procedures to reduce wrinkles.

Since the use of laser therapy in treating inflammation and pain in various joint and tendon problems is well established, the use of it in Chiropractic and physical therapy settings has become common-place. The Food and Drug Administration has approved a wide range of treatments using lasers for pain and inflammation and to promote healing.

Low level laser therapy has been effectively used to treat sports injuries with recovery times being as much as twice as fast. The use of laser therapy in conjunction with traditional physical therapy is rapidly becoming a standard.

Many chiropractors and physical therapists use laser therapy to treat whiplash injuries. Carpal tunnel syndrome may also be treated. Chronic frozen shoulders may respond to this type of therapy.

Some other conditions may or may not respond to cold laser therapies. Some practitioners use low level laser therapy to treat cancer. This type of therapy would probably be compatible with most conventional treatments but should not be used as the sole therapy. Low level laser cancer therapies should not be confused with laser surgery or photodynamic therapy, which uses light sensitive drugs activated by laser light to treat cancer.

Laser therapy is still a fairly new mode of treatment and experience with it is constantly improving the results derived from it. Use of low level laser light for the treatment of many types of injuries is well established and is particularly useful in sprain type injuries. Seek out experienced practitioners for this type of therapy.

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The Hierarchy of Knee Injuries

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The Hierarchy of Knee InjuriesWhen it comes to athletes and the types of potential conditions they may experience and undergo, it is important to realize injury is a very strong possibility. However, along with the injury may come a period of therapy and rehabilitation for their recovery. Oftentimes, the rehabilitation and exercises that are done during the therapy sessions can result in the athlete performing even better than before the injury.

A knee injury can be caused in just about any sport or physical activity. A knee injury can be in the form of a torn ACL, torn meniscus, dislocated knee cap, torn MCL or PCL and ruptured tendons. Although sports medicine may temporarily relieve the pain for many types of injuries, a serious knee injury may require much more of an advanced treatment. A chiropractic care may have their injured patient undergo several physical therapy sessions for their particular injury. The physical therapy may be required prior and post surgery in the case surgery is required to repair the injury. A torn ACL, MCL and PCL will usually require surgery for full athletic abilities, and many times the meniscus may even have to be shaven off if it has been torn for a long time. Once a meniscus has been torn, there is a certain amount of time from when it has been torn to where it can be repaired. If the injured individual waits too long to get their meniscus repaired, it will more than likely become too damaged for repair. The meniscus is the cushioning cartilage between the knee joints which enables people to run, jog and walk without any pain or chances or potential chances of arthritis.

When any of these knee injuries occur, a visit to the chiropractic care will enable the patient to not only gain strength back in their legs, but also an amount of confidence that will allow that to belief in the abilities of their body once again. With therapy, rehabilitation, sports medicine and consistency, a former injured individual can take great strides in their athletic abilities which may allow them to experience a side of themselves they have never met before. The therapy sessions can be so effective, that in one instance they may feel like a frail bird that has just fell on the ground from a high placed nest, to a high flying basketball player that is ready to make a high flying appearance on the highlight reels.

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Three Ways to Avoid Knee Replacement Surgery

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Three Ways to Avoid Knee Replacement Surgery

A knee injury can be completely deflating. Are you suffering from a torn meniscus injury? Have you been told that your ligaments are “shot” because of your knee injury? Do you have a large tear in a tendon making it impossible for you to walk with any comfort? Maybe you have a knee injury because you suffered though a car accident and your knee is fractured?

  1. Seek out a chiropractor. A good alternative health care professional will take your whole body, muscles and skeleton into account when recommending a therapy plan. In fact, a chiropractor is likely your best bet. When you need to do all you can to avoid surgery, a few adjustments and a strong physical therapy plan will go a long way toward getting your knees back into shape.
  2. Get into a physical therapy program with a sports medicine therapist. Some people think that sports medicine is just for athletes. Combined with a good chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy will help you to build back strength and redevelop your confidence to hold your body weight. Your knee is such an important tool for walking, running, lifting, squatting, and nearly every possible range of motion with your legs. A good physical therapist with a background in sports medicine will keep you motivated and work well with your chiropractor to construct a plan for long term recovery.
  3. You should get serious about weight loss. Losing weight is possibly the most important thing you can do to avoid knee surgery. If you have osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis, losing ten to fifteen pounds is the best thing you can do for your knees. If you end up needing surgery in the future then losing weight can also reduce your risks for complications. The weight loss may also reduce added stress to your knees which can greatly improve your rehabilitation time.

Getting back on your feet is no laughing matter. If your primary physician is pushing corticosteroids and pharmaceuticals, you can count on a never-ending cycle of pain management. Surgeons may believe that their interventions will save the day but often fail to mention that you will likely still end up with a long term recovery program that requires the same methods, and techniques that could save you from surgery in the first place. Often times, a skilled and knowledgeable chiropractor can assign the appropriate therapy, and possibly avoid knee surgery, altogether.

Always make sure to weigh all of your options as every unique case has its special needs. When seeking out a care provider, it is a smart idea to find one that specializes in all three areas of medicine and therapy.

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How to Cure TMJ Without Surgery

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A Good Chiropractor Can Help

When folks experience persistent pain in their jaws, along with discomfort when they chew their food, they may be seeing the symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ syndrome. This condition may be accompanied by several other problems, including headaches, earaches, dizziness, and pain in the shoulder or the neck. Specifically, TMJ may come about as a result of somebody grinding their teeth (bruxism), nail biting, trauma or degenerative joint disease, resulting in inflammation of the temporomandibular joint, the place where your jaw connects to your skull. As you may well imagine, acute or chronic pain in this area can be a hindrance to eating food or to speaking. Many people suffer from this problem that can interfere with many everyday activities at work and even at rest.

Since the condition can impact so many activities, a holistic care approach is called for and a solution that goes beyond a simple masking of pain with prescription drugs is appropriate. Such a strategy often involves chiropractic care, physical therapy, or both solutions applied in varying degrees.

Dr. Dibagohar is very familiar with treating TMJ syndrome may be able to suggest some ways you might be able to mitigate the pain by incorporating changes in your own lifestyle, such as addressing the problems of teeth-grinding. Chewing in a more measured and gentle manner may be helpful and relieve some of the discomfort.

With both chiropractic care and physical therapy there is usually some physical manipulation that occurs in the troubled area. Such treatment may address the pain, but most chiropractors and therapists will want to work with you to eliminate the root cause of the condition, searching for a way involve you in a holistic care approach that brings you directly into the process by encouraging you to break habits that may be aggravating your jaw. Further, if they ascertain that the solution may lie in the area of dental care, they may recommend that you seek the assistance of a dentist to help correct TMJ syndrome. Besides for wanting to involve you in your own treatment and care, a good chiropractor or therapist will encourage you to see whatever sort of specialist they believe can be helpful in curing your condition.

If you’re experiencing the symptoms described in this article, contact Dr. Dibagohar and the staff at Premiere Chiropractic & Sports Medicine. Stop living with unnecessary pain.

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