Acupuncture Treatment in Torrance

Benefits of Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture Treatment in TorranceDo you have friends who have benefitted from acupuncture in the past and are urging you to try and get some of the same? Acupuncture can free you from a variety of ailments, including basic pain and nausea. We have a team of highly skilled, experienced, and certified acupuncturists at our Torrance center, who are more than willing to take you through the whole tour, so to speak.

Acupuncture follows the principle of realigning your Qi or life force, as a means to eliminate pains, aches, and other ailments. Our acupuncturists are versed not only in needle insertion techniques but also other alternative methods. Each works towards the same end, which is attaining and maintaining good health, as well as prevent further ailments. Qi is a flowing energy which can only benefit the person as long as its movement in their body is not disrupted, so our acupuncturists make sure that yours stays harmoniously unhindered. There are several meridian points on the body which they can tweak to bring about this effect.

When you come into our Torrance center initially, we ask you for your medical history and other details. Then, we move on to a physical examination where your posture, build, skin tone, etc are ascertained. We may also carry out a tongue diagnosis. Your voice and breathing are checked, after which we proceed to check your pulse and meridians. Then, the acupuncturist poses standard questions to know more about your body function, sleep, diet, digestion, pain, sensory function, and sweating.

All this information is pooled into devising a suitable plan and schedule for treatment, based on your need and convenience. We look at everything because even otherwise minor details can be crucial when it comes to acupuncture. This also lets us better advise you on exercise, dietary changes, and herbal supplements.

Like we said, needles are not a must; you could go with other options such as moxibustion, massage, polarity devices, blood moving approaches, and frequency approaches. Each has the effect of moving the person’s Qi flow back into proper alignment. You get to pick the setting for your sessions because that is part of getting you sufficiently relaxed. While inserting needles is usually most expedient, it may not suit some patients, which is why our acupuncturists also perform the other techniques. Rest assured whichever way you choose to go, we have you covered

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