Acupuncture Treatment in Hermosa Beach

What is Acupuncture

Acupuncture Treatment in Hermosa Beach Many people have issues with pains and aches that leave them unable to enjoy life to the full. A lot of times this can be effectively dealt with using acupuncture. A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) technique most famously known for its use of needles, acupuncture works by realigning disrupted “Qi” in the person’s body. For this, the acupuncturist influences myriad meridian points placed around the body.

At our Hermosa Beach center, you would be treated to quality acupuncture treatment which guarantees removal of aches and pains from your body, and brings in several health benefits to boot. The latter are solid perks of undergoing repetitive sessions with any experienced and skilled acupuncturist and include respite from many medical issues. Acupuncture can mitigate and even alleviate depression, digestive problems, allergies, knee pain, osteoarthritis, neck pain, headaches and migraines, chronic back pain, and muscle pain. Our aim is to ensure you achieve the level wellbeing you have envisioned, so you can get your life into a much more free and purposeful state.

The first time you visit, we have you give us your medical history and other details relevant to treatment. After this comes a physical, where we note down your physical attributes including skin tone, posture, and body type. Then we put forward questions the regarding your digestion, sleep, sensory function, diet, pain, etc. Here, we make sure to leave nothing out, because even seemingly minor details could be crucial to treatment. Also, being meticulous in this area lets us advise you on any needed lifestyle changes.
With the information we have gathered, we set to work formulating a treatment plan that works for you in terms of both need and preference. As soon as you have conferred with our acupuncturist and greenlit the treatment, you would be ready to begin sessions, either right away, or on your next scheduled visit. Again, the objective is to realign your disrupted chi, which requires getting you as comfortable as possible using the many means at our disposal.

From your side, all that needs doing is to lie down and relax, and breathe normally. If needles are not your thing, you could go in for alternative techniques which work just as well, albeit in different ways – moxibustion, polarity devices, frequency approaches, etc. You could choose any of these, and our acupuncturist would adapt treatment accordingly.

We are proud to serve the South Bay, including Hawthorne, Hermosa Beach, Torrance and Manhattan Beach. Visit us anytime.